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2024/05/12 - Mixed Tournament

2.Saga Louts7612191497018
3.Winchester Eagles734183188-59
4.Purbrook Parked Mixed73417517239
5.South Hants734175180-59
6.Nothing but the Hits734175180-59
7.Southampton Mixed734172177-59
8.Gosport Jedi707139245-1060
Position is decided by wins, then points for, then points difference, then head-to-head

Team 1ScoreTeam 2
Saga Louts2825Winchester Eagles
Purbrook Parked Mixed2320Southampton Mixed
BiggyBiggy3024South Hants
Gosport Jedi1736Nothing but the Hits
Saga Louts3022Purbrook Parked Mixed
Winchester Eagles2029Southampton Mixed
BiggyBiggy4320Gosport Jedi
South Hants3120Nothing but the Hits
Saga Louts3119Southampton Mixed
Winchester Eagles2328Purbrook Parked Mixed
BiggyBiggy2625Nothing but the Hits
South Hants3118Gosport Jedi
Lunch Break
Saga Louts2526BiggyBiggy
Winchester Eagles3026South Hants
Purbrook Parked Mixed3118Gosport Jedi
Southampton Mixed2225Nothing but the Hits
Saga Louts3417South Hants
Winchester Eagles2333BiggyBiggy
Purbrook Parked Mixed2526Nothing but the Hits
Southampton Mixed3025Gosport Jedi
Saga Louts3819Gosport Jedi
Winchester Eagles2622Nothing but the Hits
Purbrook Parked Mixed2728BiggyBiggy
Southampton Mixed2919South Hants
Saga Louts3321Nothing but the Hits
Winchester Eagles3622Gosport Jedi
Purbrook Parked Mixed1927South Hants
Southampton Mixed2334BiggyBiggy

2023/12/10 - Mixed Tournament

1.SVC Mixed7612191378218
2.South Hants7612041505418
3.Saga Louts7522031584515
4.Roke Clangers743178192-1412
5.Gosport Jedi73419618889
6.SUVC Fawns725163209-466
7.Roke Muppets716168207-393
8.Roke Wombles716146236-903
Position is decided by wins, then points for, then points difference, then head-to-head

Team 1ScoreTeam 2
SVC Mixed3419SUVC Fawns
Roke Muppets2335Saga Louts
Gosport Jedi3822Roke Wombles
South Hants3813Roke Clangers
SVC Mixed3315Roke Muppets
SUVC Fawns2230Saga Louts
Gosport Jedi2526South Hants
Roke Wombles2332Roke Clangers
SVC Mixed2527Saga Louts
SUVC Fawns3126Roke Muppets
Gosport Jedi2735Roke Clangers
Roke Wombles1836South Hants
SVC Mixed2622Gosport Jedi
SUVC Fawns2726Roke Wombles
Roke Muppets2627South Hants
Saga Louts3420Roke Clangers
SVC Mixed4811Roke Wombles
SUVC Fawns2335Gosport Jedi
Roke Muppets2130Roke Clangers
Saga Louts2324South Hants
SVC Mixed2719South Hants
SUVC Fawns2324Roke Clangers
Roke Muppets3224Gosport Jedi
Saga Louts3019Roke Wombles
SVC Mixed2624Roke Clangers
SUVC Fawns1834South Hants
Roke Muppets2527Roke Wombles
Saga Louts2425Gosport Jedi

2023/09/24 - Mixed Tournament

1.Winchester Eagles5411941553912
2.SVC 15411921741812
3.SVC 2532198170289
4.Roke Wombles532182171119
5.South Hants514163201-383
6.Gosport Jedi505160218-580
Position is decided by wins, then points for, then points difference, then head-to-head

Team 1ScoreTeam 2
SVC 13836Roke Wombles
South Hants2945SVC 2
SVC 13041Winchester Eagles
South Hants3936Gosport Jedi
Winchester Eagles3524Roke Wombles
SVC 24432Gosport Jedi
SVC 23542Roke Wombles
Winchester Eagles4630Gosport Jedi
SVC 13930South Hants
SVC 23931Winchester Eagles
Roke Wombles4030Gosport Jedi
SVC 13635SVC 2
South Hants3340Roke Wombles
South Hants3241Winchester Eagles
SVC 14932Gosport Jedi