Development Plan 2014-2017 - Junior Development

Overseen by Bev Cooper

Year 1 – 2014/15 By Whom By When Cost RAG Comment
1.1 - Establish 7 new satellite clubs MS Sep-14     Horndean Technology College; Crestwood College; Priestlands School; Prospect School; Calthorpe School; Farnborough 6th Form; and Portsmouth College.  
1.2 – Sustain all 7 satellite clubs MS Mar-15     7 of 7 Satellite Clubs are still active. Farnborough 6th Form College moved to new site at Wavell School and Portsmouth College moved to Fratton Community Centre.
1.3 - Apply for funding from CSP/VE MS Sep-14     Over £25,000 of external investment received from SHIOW
1.4 - Develop a database of interested schools and colleges in developing volleyball MS Ongoing     Receiving additional support from SHIOW Satellite Club Manager to identify where there is demand for volleyball.
1.5 - Look to map existing club development with these educational establishments MS Ongoing    
1.6 – Create 3 new FE Sessions MS Dec-14     Portsmouth, Eastleigh and Barton Peveril Colleges
1.7 – Sustain all 3 FE Sessions MS Mar-15     All 3 FE Sessions are still active.
1.8 - Run 2 outdoor tournaments for Colleges and 6th Forms MS Jun-15     Adverse weather resulted in the first tournament being cancelled. Second tournament was cancelled due to lack of entries. Timing of event not ideal.
1.9 – Run 1 outdoor tournament at Hampshire Summer School Games TN/MS/BC  Jun 15     School Games Volleyball Tournament ran successfully at Aldershot involving teams from 3 schools. Students from IOW supporting the event with Young Leaders.
Year 2 – 2015/16 By Whom By When Cost RAG Comment
2.1 – Establish 4 new satellite clubs MS Dec-15   Eastleigh College, Richard Taunton College & Portchester School now up and running. Ballard & Noadswood Satellite Clubs about to start.
2.2 – Apply for funding from CSP/VE MS Dec-15   Continued funding support from SHIOW.
2.3 – Sustain all 11 current Satellite Clubs MS Mar-16   8 Satellite Clubs still active. Crestwood College and Portsmouth College Satellite Clubs have now ceased.
2.4 - Create 6 new FE Sessions MS Mar-16   7 new sessions established at Queen Mary; St Vincent’s; Fareham; Peter Symonds Sixth Form; Brockhenhurst; Havant; & Farnborough Tech.
2.5 – Sustain all 9 current FE Sessions MS Ongoing   8 FE Sessions still active. Itchen, St Vincent, Portsmouth & Eastleigh sessions now ceased.
2.6 – Run 1 indoor tournament for Colleges and 6th Forms MS Dec-15   Peter Symonds College hosted an FE Tournament in Nov 2015. 5 Colleges took part.
2.7 – Continue to run 1 outdoor tournament at Hampshire Summer School Games JW/MS Jul-16     Level 3 School Games took place in Aldershot on 30th June 2016. 9 schools and 17 teams took part in Boys and Girls competitions.
Year 3 – 2016/17 By Whom By When Cost RAG Comment
3.1 – Create 2 new Satellite Clubs MS Apr-17 Portchester and Ballard Satellite Clubs
3.2 – Sustain all 9 Satellite Clubs MS Apr-17 9 still active. Wavell Satellite Club now at Garrison Sports Centre, Aldershot
3.3 – Create 2 new FE Sessions MS Apr-17 No more college sessions identified
3.4 – Sustain ALL 8 current FE Sessions MS Apr-17 8 still active
3.5 – Continue to run 2 indoor tournaments for Colleges and 6th Forms MS Jul-17 Nov 18th Tournament Organised at Peter Symonds College, Winchester
3.6 – Continue to run 1 outdoor Volleyball Tournament as part of Hampshire Summer School Games MS Jul-17 June 31st/1st July Tournament Organised at Garrison Outdoor Playing Fields, Aldershot