Over the last 5 years, it has become apparent that there are not enough qualified referees in Hampshire. With the successful development of 11 National League teams in the County, finding local, qualified and registered referees is becoming harder.

The HVA believes that all Hampshire clubs should consider having at least one qualified and registered referee in their ranks. This is especially important to the 6 National League clubs in the County.

To this aim the HVA is looking to host a number of refereeing courses over the coming year to encourage more ex players or interested volunteers into officiating indoor, sitting or beach volleyball.

These courses will be discounted to any Hampshire volleyballer wanting to get themselves qualified as a referee.

Having more locally qualified, and registered, referees will be to the betterment of all clubs in the County. As each club having someone who is qualified to referee in their club will mean the standard of matches in local leagues will improve.

If you are interested in finding out more about refereeing or to book yourself on a locally held course please contact us.