Objectives for 2017/18

Updated 16/02/18

Theme Serial Objective RAG Comment
Adult Participation 1 Increase participation in the HVA Grand Prix series for 2017/18, such that the number of men’s teams competing increases from 6 to 7, and the number of ladies’ teams competing increases from 5 to 6.   Objective exceeded. This season, 8 teams entered the men’s competition which is an increase of 2 on the 2106/17 season, while 10 teams entered the ladies’ completion which is an increase of 5 on last season.
  2 Update the club provisioning document initiated by Mark Simmons to obtain refreshed information on the clubs in Hampshire, their workforce and membership and their main concerns for the future.   Ongoing. Work has not yet commenced on this objective; however, it is due to be completed by the end of the season.
  3 Invite clubs to review and update their information on the ‘Club Map’ facility on the HVA website.   Complete. An email was sent to clubs on 7 Dec17. A total of 23 clubs provided updated information which was passed to the web author on 9 Jan 18 for inclusion on the club map.
Junior Development 1 Seek opportunities to support schools developing volleyball.  


  1. Action being taken at Crofton Anne Dale, Stubbington via:
    1. Delivering a practical staff meeting to teach teachers how to introduce volleyball (April 2018);
    2. Lend an outdoor net system to enable the school to begin playing volleyball immediately following the staff meeting.
  2. Contact has been established with Horndean Junior School with a view to introducing volleyball.
  2 Develop links between clubs and schools by offering an annual volleyball festival.   Ongoing. Work has commenced to scope availability of a sports hall that is capable of hosting a festival from the autumn term onwards.
Sitting Volleyball 1 Maintain the HVA Mini-League, seeking to host a minimum of one event in 2018 with increased participation from Hampshire-based clubs.   Ongoing. Work is taking place to host a competition on 16/17 Jun 18. An invitation has been sent to clubs and their responses are awaited.
  2 In partnership with Portsmouth in the Community, scope potential to create a junior satellite club in Portsmouth.   Ongoing. Initial discussions have taken place with PITC with one particular school in mind to host a satellite club.
Coaching & Officiating 1 Organise and deliver a Level 1 coaching course by 31 October 2018.   Ongoing. Dave is progressing and hopes to arrange a course by the end of the year.
  2 Deliver a workshop for club coaches and teachers that will equip them with ideas on how to introduce volleyball to juniors.   Ongoing. Dave is progressing and hopes to arrange a course by the end of the year.
  3 Arrange and host a Level 4 referees’ course which will be aimed at those clubs participating in the HVA Grand Prix series and who are required to provide qualified officials for the 2018/19 season.