Development Plan 2014-2017 - Sitting Volleyball

Overseen by Richard Osborne

Year 1 – 2014/15 By Whom By When Cost RAG Comment
1.1 - Create 1 new sitting club  RO/TN Jul-15  N/K   With hindsight this was too ambitious in Year 1 as there is first a need to generate awareness and participation then to scope interest in establishing a club.
1.2 - Run 1 sitting volleyball tournament RO Mar-15 £320   Inaugural SV Cup took place 26 May at Crestwood College.  
1.3 - Work with key personnel to generate awareness and encourage participation of Sitting Volleyball in various areas of the County RO/TN Ongoing Nil   SV promoted via taster sessions, newspaper articles, radio interviews (BBC Radio Solent/Express FM), social media, official website.  
1.4 - Retain, support and utilise the expertise of Portsmouth Sitting Volleyball Club All Ongoing Nil  
Year 2 – 2015/16 By Whom By When Cost RAG Comment
2.1 - Run a sitting volleyball workshop for teachers from special and mainstream schools to enable them to deliver grassroots SV. RO/MS Dec-15 N/K   Workshop scheduled for 6 Oct at Mountbatten Centre was cancelled. Work to host one in Mar/Apr 16 stalled but there is still an aspiration to host one in 2016.
2.2 - Develop and deliver a junior SV tournament RO/MS Nov-15 N/K   A Year 7-9 tournament took place at Mountbatten Centre on Tue 24 Nov 15, with teams from Mary Rose, Baycroft, Noadswood, Glenwood and Lakeside participating. A further event was delivered to 50 juniors by Higher Sports Leaders at Peter Symonds College on 12 Feb 16.
2.3 - Devise a programme to take sitting volleyball into schools and colleges RO/MS Mar 16 Nil   Free taster sessions offered to schools, colleges and universities. To date, 6 have been delivered (King Richards, Portsmouth Academy for Girls, Mayfield and 3 at Highbury College) to approximately 250 students, with more scheduled during 2016.
2.4 - Look to create 1 new SV club RO/MS Jul-16 N/K   Awareness and participation of SV is growing rapidly, particularly in schools, and there is a chance that a new club will emerge in 2016.
2.5 - Run 2 sitting volleyball tournaments RO/MS Nov-16 £500   The first meeting took place 3 Apr 16 at the Harbour School, Tipner. 2nd meeting fixed for 1 Oct 16.
Year 3 – 2016/17 By Whom By When Cost RAG Comment
3.1 - Look to create 1 new SV club  RO/MS Jul 17 Nil   RO delivering 8 weekly sessions at The Hub, Eastleigh which started on Fri 20 Jan 17. If there is an appetite thereafter Maria Kimber will deliver sessions.
3.2 - Develop and run a sitting volleyball league RO Apr 17 £500   The HVA Mini-League has been in operation since Apr 16. A new league will start in Apr 17 with the first meeting taking place on 29/30 April.
3.3 - Run a programme of school and college sessions to develop awareness RO/MS Mar 17 Nil   To date, sessions have been delivered in 5 schools/colleges (Wildern, Wavell, Arnewood, Everest Community Academy & Bohunt) to a total of 320 students.
3.4 - Work with South Hants SVC to develop a junior club through satellite club programme RO/MS Jul 17 £800   The appetite for a satellite club is likely to flow from serial 3.3 above
3.5 - Work with Energise Me to get sitting volleyball in the Hampshire School Games MS Jul 17 Nil   No action taken as yet to progress this item.