Development Plan 2014-2017 - Facilities Development

Overseen by Ashley Cullen/Mark Simmons

Year 1 – 2014/15 By Whom By When Cost RAG Comment
1.1 - Support Bay House School (BHS) in the development of volleyball MS Ongoing   BHS has a new Sports Centre - MS in liaison with them to scope development of volleyball linking with Portsmouth Pumas VC.
1.2 - Identify funding streams to support facilities development for clubs AC Ongoing   Ian Poynton at VE may be a useful poc.
Year 2 – 2014/15 By Whom By When Cost RAG Comment
2.1 - Audit available sports hall space in the county MS Mar-16   SHIOW may be useful poc.
2.2 - Audit schools and colleges equipment and capacity to develop volleyball into a satellite club structure MS Ongoing  
Year 3 – 2014/15 By Whom By When Cost RAG Comment
3.1 - Identify partner school/college as base for satellite academy MS/BC Jun-17   Bay House School.
3.2 - Devise plans on what is required to run a satellite provision MS/BC Jun-17