Objectives for 2017/18

Theme Serial Objective RAG Comment
Adult Participation 1 Increase participation in the HVA Grand Prix series for 2017/18, such that the number of men’s teams competing increases from 6 to 7, and the number of ladies’ teams competing increases from 5 to 6.   Objective exceeded. This season, 8 teams entered the men’s competition which is an increase of 2 on the 2106/17 season, while 10 teams entered the ladies’ completion which is an increase of 5 on last season.
  2 Update the club provisioning document initiated by Mark Simmons to obtain refreshed information on the clubs in Hampshire, their workforce and membership and their main concerns for the future.    
  3 Invite clubs to review and update their information on the ‘Club Map’ facility on the HVA website.    
Junior Development 1 Seek opportunities to support schools developing volleyball.    
  2 Develop links between clubs and schools by offering an annual volleyball festival.    
Sitting Volleyball 1 Maintain the HVA Mini-League, seeking to host a minimum of one event in 2018 with increased participation from Hampshire-based clubs.    
  2 In partnership with Portsmouth in the Community, scope potential to create a junior satellite club in Portsmouth.    
Coaching & Officiating 1 Organise and deliver a Level 1 coaching course by 31 October 2018.    
  2 Deliver a workshop for club coaches and teachers that will equip them with ideas on how to introduce volleyball to juniors.    
  3 Arrange and host a Level 4 referees’ course which will be aimed at those clubs participating in the HVA Grand Prix series and who are required to provide qualified officials for the 2018/19 season.